Welcome to Innovative Collaboration Support Services, LLC.

-The Most Innovative Collaboration of Support Services-

Our Philosophy

Innovative Collaboration Support Services, LLC. recognizes that self-efficacy is the foundation for developing confident individuals. The agency's purpose is to promote strength-based, realistic approaches to the challenges that face our client population. ICSS utilizes a "Lego-type" methodology and has authored this type of collaboration as Customized Adaptable Interlinking Collaboration (CAIC pronounced "cake").  This means we are flexible and mobile in order to link up with community organizations and state agencies.  ICSS prides itself in tracking the participant and reporting on progress based on the work plan; this enables us to produce self-sustainable outcomes. Just as the flu vaccine has to adapt for current strands of the flu, so must service providers to be effective. This is why we have come together to provide an antidote for the current strand of socioeconomic flu that is destroying livelihoods and negatively impacting families. We present a very realistic, productive outcome based on a cost-effective solution. So why not give us a try and find why we make the best CAIC!


  • Workforce Training
  • Assessment
  • Vocational Skills
  • Substance Abuse
  • Day Treatment

Our Vision

Innovative Collaboration Support Services, LLC. (ICSS) is a unique organization with a multi-talented team specifically trained to serve a multitude of populations. We are a licensed behavioral health agency and a non-traditional workforce development training provider that delivers solutions for people through a more tailored and practical approach to training. Our primary objective is to catapult individuals toward self-sustainability by utilizing innovative standards and procedures that promote best practices in the areas of human services and vocational skills training. ICSS empowers participants with proper cognitive tools for daily living, improving self-esteem, and developing the skills and credentials necessary for employment.  ICSS specializes in improving the self-sustainability for ex-offenders, dislocated workers, homeless, at risk youth (ages 16-24), veterans, DDS work-first clients, Public Housing/HOPE IV recipients, and individuals struggling with substance addictions.  ICSS delivers convenient economical services by bringing human services and skills training directly to the communities in need. We meet people where they are and help them succeed by addressing their mental health and psychological needs while training and preparing them for the workforce.